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The Visual Vixen’s Favorite Lipsticks for Winter
Jan 03

The Visual Vixen’s Favorite Lipsticks for Winter

Hey Bella’s! I hope you are all wonderful. I just wanted to write a quick post on some of the lip colors I’m rocking this winter. Fall and winter are the season of bold lipsticks. While many people are only sticking with deep, rich dark colors I’m mixing in a some brights and bolds as well. For me this seasons I’m enjoying pinks, purples and reds of all shades!
Here are just a few of my favorites right now.

Lipstick Swatch

  • NYX Matte in Tea Rose: NYX has an amazing line of matte lipsticks. These are strangely enough creamy mattes, they aren’t the typical dry matte. It feels creamy but visually it’s very much matte. A great mixture for this cold lip drying weather. This is the perfect color if your looking for something soft, light and flirty.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational in Brazen Berry: This is a very rich purple that reminds me a lot of Mac’s Heroine. This line is very rich in color and moisturizing. This color is perfect if your looking to make a statement without being too bold. You’d be hard to forget in this color.
  • MAC Amplified Creme in Girl About Town: I love his color, it is a creamy long wearing pigmented color. The amplified Creme line is one of my favorite formulas from Mac. This color is just right if your ready to go out and have some fun!
  • MAC Matte Ruby Woo: Hands down this is my go to red lipstick. Me and Mac’s matte formula have a love/hate relationship. It’s the sexiest of all the formulas but it can be a little drying so I recommend dabbing on a little Vaseline or lipgloss over this. Like I said this is the “go to red” that looks amazing on any skin color!
  • MAC Satin in Rebel: Love love love! My favorite fall/winter color. It’s absolutely stunning and long lasting. This is the Satin formula so you almost get that matte look without the dryness. This is a real statement color!
  • MAC Satin In Media: This color is much darker then it appears in the photo. This is the real statement color. It’s a very dark and pigmented burgundy. This is also a Satin formula so again you get that matte look without the dry lips. This is a sexy, mysterious color. When you put this on don’t forget your sass to go with it!

Well ladies that’s it for some of my winter favs! I hope you all can love some of these colors just as much as I do!

Until next time!

Your #VisualVixen,

Vanessa Evans

About Vanessa Evans - January 3, 2015 at 5:22 pm

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