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New Year, New Mindset
Jan 04

New Year, New Mindset

Back in the day when I used to work as a Marketing Manager motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, we used to kick off the year with a “New Year, New You” campaign, as so many other brands do in the self-development area. The thing that was refreshing about working for Tony Robbins‘, was that he understood the importance of taking care of every area of your life in order to really have a fulfilling life. I by no means am a Tony Robbins, but I happen to be aligned with at group of women that also understand the importance of being balanced. Its all about having a new mindset in this new year.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some great posts on the site about how to create a new mindset for 2015. Here are some of the things I’m going to do different in 2015:

1. Declaring the wins

Instead of creating resolutions (which I’m addicted to by the way, because every year is going to be different and I’m going to keep them going), I’m making declarations about the areas of my life that I want to see the biggest wins.  This year I have declared success in my business, in my weight loss, and in my single parenting. I’ve decided to lay off on the relationships this year, because of something else I’m doing differently this year.

2. Taking time to love myself

I’m a former yoga pants addict… and I’ve only taken 2 yoga classes in my life. I’m not really challenging women that wear yoga pants all of the time, unless you’re doing it for the same reasons that I was. I forgot how to be that sassy, sexy, confident woman that I once was, when I felt like I was on top of my game. After some major changes that changed my circumstances, I labeled “change” as failure. That stops now. Loving myself means making time in my schedule to do things that I enjoy and that benefit me. I said earlier that I was going to lay off on pursuing a relationship in 2015, because I know that I can’t really love anyone else, if I’m not loving myself.

3. Speaking over negativity

2014 was a year of self-realization. I realized that I was one of the most fearful people that I knew. I talk about it often, because it was so shocking when I realized it. I wouldn’t have normally called it fear. I would have called it a reality check. There were some facts to the things I was thinking, like accessing the finances I didn’t have to start this site as an example, but I never considered the resources and means that I already had around me that I wasn’t using. I kept telling people I wasn’t a web person or a designer or a photographer or a writer. If you would have heard all of the objections I had to starting this venture, you would have told me to quit to just spare the embarrassment. But moving past those fears and changing my script, I manage my own website site, I create graphics, I shoot my own jewelry images, and I crank out posts on a weekly basis. Slamming the word “yet” on the end of my objections was a simple switch that made a huge difference.

4. Stopped living with situational self-esteem

When [trx_highlight type=”2″]Vanessa Evans[/trx_highlight] introduced this topic in her post, I had to take several seats and think about my life. Wow. I most recently had to get out of a “situationship” that was damaging my self-confidence, but it was really because I obviously have some work to do in the “situational self-esteem” department. I can’t allow comparison to other people or outside opinions of me have such an impact on my life. I’ve actually decided to not even give audience to people, including my own thoughts, with unconstructive criticism about me, my life or my business. Too much depends on me being focused and clear. Sitting in my emotions all day is so counterproductive and SO 2014.

5. Changing my circle

I actually did a lot of purging in 2014, with the last of it right at the end of the year. This was by far one of the toughest things for me to do, because my loyalty is one of my strongest traits. But I realized after I was almost completely depleted, that I was pouring into and investing in people that weren’t doing the same for me. I’m definitely not saying that you should do things for people so they’ll do things for you, but you definitely can’t continue feeding everyone around you without being fed. I also realized once the All Frills Dream Team came together that magic happens when you find people that you can align with… in the short amount of time we’ve been a group, I’ve watched everyone grow a little bit. But I’ve seen the greatest growth in myself.

6. Spending some quiet time with God

I read my Bible every day, but I get easily distracted by everything. So I’ve committed to waking up 20 minutes earlier each day to just spend some time quieting my mind and spirit before the crazy of the day starts. I realize that focus is so important to success, so instead of creating a list of huge goals I want to accomplish, I’m starting by focusing on creating a successful mindset in 2015.

I know that this year is going to be epic. For the first time ever, I’m not entering the year hopeful… I’m entering the year confident and committed.

Cheers to an amazing 2015!

With love,

Courtney Dade



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