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Let’s Chat: Resolving Your New Year’s Resolutions
Dec 29

Let’s Chat: Resolving Your New Year’s Resolutions

So 2014 is coming to an end, and regardless of how you feel about new year’s resolutions, there is always something exciting about the prospect of starting over with a whole year of potential opportunities and new beginnings ahead of you. In the past I would set resolutions and bail on them by March (which is totally standard for most people). Then later I just stopped setting resolutions, but found that I would still reflect at the end of the year on what accomplishments I had made from the year before. So we’re back at it… Its the end of the year, and its time to make a plan (or not). I decided to ask the ladies of the All Frills Beauty Team how they deal with New Year’s resolutions to see how these powerful women continue to grow year over year. Grab a pen and paper for this one… you may find a new way to plan your game plan for 2015!

Brandy Harrison: I do it one month at a time unless it’s a major trip. I try not to plan to far in advance for the year because I either stray of course on my own or something major happens that throws me off course.

Laine Felipe: I don’t do resolutions, I write goals instead. And then I check my goals every quarter and adjust as I need to.

Vanessa Evans: I avoid the whole “resolution” things I give up something or make a lifestyle change before the New Years. Eventually I fall off though. My biggest goal this year is self-discipline.

Brandy: I would like to practice a little more self discipline in 2015 as well so that I can achieve my monthly goals if it’s in my power!!!

Nadiyah Albee: I usually outline what I’d like to get done the first three months and plot out a plan and steps to make it happen. But I too suffer from a lack of discipline. My plan this time around is to whoop the sh*t outta discipline!!

Mary Hanna: I figure out the goal and before anything else I like to reflect. Dig in and figure the things that I do or have done that get in my own way. Then I break down the goal into weekly to-do lists remembering to include overcoming the things I might do to mess stuff up for myself.

Jay Davenport: I normally just write my resolutions and goals down in my church journal. That way I have a constant reminder of what I want to accomplish. Fitness and eating better is ALWAYS on my list. Better finance management is a must. Consistently seeking God, being honest because yes I do fall off. And I have vowed to speak life to myself in the mirror every single morning. Working on creating some powerful mantras. All of this mainly has to do with discipline.

Courtney Dade: Over the past couple of years, I have started doing areas of focus instead of New Year’s resolutions. I would decide 4 areas of my life that I wanted to see significant progress in. For me its been my Bible, my business, my baby, and my body. It ended up that the first half of the year I focused on two and the latter half of the year I focused on the others. It was good. Especially in transition when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with my life. This year, I’m adding in a power word for 2015 and putting some specific goals behind each of the areas of focus. More of a traditional New Year’s resolution, but now that I know what I want… I can actually work to get there.

In the end, the common theme is discipline. I’ve had to learn over the past year, and really the past 3 months, that I have to move regardless of how I feel. A great exercise is to think about how you would feel if you accomplish your goal, but also to remind yourself what it would feel like to NOT accomplish your goals.

We would love to know how you plan to plan for your 2015! Please leave a comment and join the conversation!

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