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Let’s Chat – A Brazilian Wax Journey
Feb 19

Let’s Chat – A Brazilian Wax Journey

*Please note the content in this article is for mature audiences. Some links in this article are from our affiliate partners.

At the beginning of the year, one of the contributors brought a hilarious story to the group about her co-worker coming to work looking extremely cute. After doing some light interviewing, she discovered that the co-worker had just gotten her first Brazilian wax, and was feeling herself as a result. There’s something to be said about women’s hygiene, and there are certainly several options for how to take care of yourself. Our group of contributors were split on who waxed and who didn’t. And though the journey we took to get to the recommendations is hilarious, there are some great options listed below for how to deal with body hair.

Wax that Crack!

The contributor that brought up this subject had never gotten a Brazilian wax before, so she was ridiculously tickled by the fact that part of the procedure is to lay on your stomach and hold your cheeks open so they can wax between your crack. The question was then presented to the group who had experienced the Brazilian wax. Here’s how that conversation went down:

All Frills Diva 2: Faithfully lol

All Frills Diva 3: Girl, I get waxed, but not to that extreme. Thank God I am not that hairy! #NotAYeti

All Frills Diva 1: I know I was like my butt hair has never given me problems before. So hey if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Lolol. Booty wax… I’m so tickled!!

All Frills Diva 3: LMAO For real! I took one of my girlfriends to get waxed for the first time, and she about died. I was literally in the corner laughing the whole time because she was cringing with each rip. If your booty needs to be waxed, you’ve got some issues, like Sasquatch issues!

All Frills Diva 4: The warm wax between the crack feels like heaven after they rip your bush away. But you’ll never be cleaner!


Wait… Here’s the good stuff

If you can’t talk to your girlfriends honestly about these things… what’s the point in having girlfriends. Okay… so a few of us had a more mature approach to the conversation and provided some information on alternative methods of hair removal.

  • Sugaring: I’ve heard of this method, and no one in the group has tried it personally… but all have heard it is a great alternative to waxing. I had to do some research on it, but its apparently an ancient middle eastern method of hair removal that uses all natural ingredients. The recipes vary, but food-derived ingredients are used to create a paste… the paste is then flicked off and with it comes the hair. There are a ton of YouTube videos and informative articles that can give you even more specifics about it.
  • Shaving and Exfoliation: Out of the group, this seems to be the most popular method of hair removal, but one of our contributors has a brilliant recipe for an exfoliating scrub that she swears by to prevent bumps.

All Frills Diva 5: I’ve never been waxed before because I shave very well and exfoliate with coconut oil/sugar mixture I whipped up in my kitchen to prevent bumps. I do it immediately after shaving and I’ve never had bumps. My sister in law put me onto this method. I think it loosens up the follicle or something. Lol idk.. I just know it works!! , I use one of those small salad dressing Tupperware bowls and add coconut oil to the middle then mix in 2 teaspoons of sugar. Cover and leave it in the bathroom under the sink. I take a dab after I shave and rub in a light circular motion. Then remove the sugar with a warm face towel. It dissolves fairly quickly because of your body heat. And yes I rub all over.. The first time I actual hmm.. Got it in there. Yea… Not so pleasant. So be careful.

All Frills Diva 2: I do the exfoliation with coconut oil and raw brown sugar.

So there you have it… women have to do a lot of maintenance, and if you’re confused about which method to do, at least now you know you’re not alone. I’ve also included a great article from about some questions to ask before you go on your own Brazilian wax journey… check out the local deals too on places in your area!

Until we chat again!

Courtney Dade


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