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Improving Your Shoe Game
Jan 02

Improving Your Shoe Game

So now that New Years Eve is over and you have partied all night, I have one question ladies… how are your feet? Come on now, be honest with your girl. We all know that a night of dancing in a cute pair of heels equals a “Diva Down” situation for the days following it. Let’s face it, the fact that you have been able to walk in 6 inch stilettos since you were twelve means nothing. Your feet are still killing you. It’s all about the style of the shoe: Strappy, peep toe, open toe, witch point… I  can keep going but I won’t because I think you get my point…. HEELS CAN BE FROM THE DEVIL if you don’t shop for them the right way!

Now, I’m not a big party person, but I can appreciate a nice heel when I do step out on the town so I decided to share with you how I shop for a shoe that will not result in me being bare foot or in flip flops before the end of the night.


Since your feet are literally at an incline you want something cushy and not directly on the floor so that the ball on the bottom of your foot isn’t punished. Go for something with a platform in the front of the shoe. Even though you are up high, you foot isn’t at a huge incline which relieves a lot of pressure!



It’s ok to step out of your comfort zone, but don’t do so in a way that you will be tiptoeing to the car after the party. If you know that you cannot walk in pumps or stilettos, then don’t do it. Get yourself a cute pair of wedges because you are leveled throughout the bottom of the shoe. (Side note… steer clear of “Anti-Gravity Wedges,” the ones that don’t have an actual heel, if you aren’t comfortable in pumps/stilettos)


Block Heel Pumps

So glad these came back in style!! The comfort of having a thick heel (especially for us thick sistas) is so refreshing! But the real deal is that for anyone petite or plus size, the block heel will keep you balanced because you aren’t putting your weight on something that’s as skinny as a toothpick!!


Name brand, no-no

With the exception of Steve Madden and sometimes Michael Kors, brand name shoes such as Christian Louboutin and Giuseppe Zanotti are meant for style not comfort. Now this is just my opinion because I am cheap, but why on earth would you pay $500 for a pair of shoes that you are not going to wear all night because they are uncomfortable? Who cares what the Real Housewives or Basketball Wives are wearing????

So that pretty much sums it up and I hope this helps you keep your shoe game truly proper. You have to take care of your feet ladies and it starts with wearing the right shoe. If you have to force your foot into the shoe, if your toes are hanging off the front, or if your ankles are spilling out of the top trust me when I say YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT… so leave them on the shelf!!

Until next time!!!

-Brandy, #FrugalFashionista

Shop the look!!

If you would like to get your shoe game proper and purchase any of the shoes in the post, the links are listed below!!

Black Strappy Tassel Platform

Black Perforated Wedge Booties

Camel Leopard Spike Studded Bow Pumps

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