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Let’s Chat – Kim Kardashian’s Nude Cover
Nov 20

Let’s Chat – Kim Kardashian’s Nude Cover

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t slightly addicted to Facebook. So as I was scrolling last week, I ran across all of Kim Kardashian’s goodies on the internet. One thing I love about the group of women I’m working with, is they are fiercely individual and amazingly beautiful… not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. You’ll find out… and thank me. Anyway, I was reading through all of the blogs, articles, and FB rants about Kim Kardashian’s magazine, and I was just curious to see what my girls thought about it. I purposely didn’t interject myself into the conversation, because to be honest, I was just interested in seeing their reaction.

My Take:

So here’s my thing. I wasn’t particularly moved by the image one way or the other. I saw it. I thought she looked good. It was obviously airbrushed… as most magazine artwork is, and she’s really not a role model in general, so it wasn’t doing any damage to her career. In fact, the capitalist in me thought… $43.3 million dollars to be naked… not bad, considering so many women were recent victims of nude selfie hacking on their phones. I think all of us agreed that she was really celebrating her body, and embracing what she had… though her choices on how to celebrate varied with each contributor. Check it out!


[Kim] is a beautiful sexy woman and I don’t knock her free and vivacious nature, but I feel the photos are in extremely bad taste. It’s not necessarily the booty shot that bothered me as much as the full frontal. Like her bare breasts and exposed vajayjay was just in incredibly poor taste. She is a married woman and a mother and I just feel that she is still a woman and free to celebrate her sexuality and attractiveness, but do it with out coming off as a desperate attention crazed trollop… especially since your claim to fame was a sex tape. [She] comes off as an over glorified porn star. But she broke the internet and definitely made a stir. Kanye grabbed up Amber Rose from a strip club and isn’t exactly the kind of guy to require class and refinement as a standard in his women, so that fact that he has no objections doesn’t surprise me at all. I think that the references to a cup on her booty and the way people were like ohhhh, ohhh its racist and she doesn’t know they a mimicking the photos of Sarah “Saartjie” Bartman are absolutely ridiculous. Its frankly a cheap shot…. it’s sad that when the first photos actually featuring a fully nude Grace Jones weren’t ever compared to the historical photo further proves that its a cheap shot..[/trx_chat]


So my thought is this….I think a double standard comes with Kim, because she’s Kim. You either love her or hate her. The Internet tends to hate her.

I think she looks great, if celebrating her body means getting buck booty naked for Paper then so be it. Celebrate how you must. I won’t knock anyone for what they do as long as they have the guts to own it. She owns it.

She’s not a preachers wife, she’s not running for office, she’s not a school teacher so I don’t see the big deal, what do you expect from Kim Kardashian?

Who are we to judge. I’m all for promoting body acceptance women loving and being proud of their bodies, big, small, hour glass, square or lumpy. If she likes it, then dammit I love it!.[/trx_chat]


I’m with Vanessa on this one. Either you love Kim or you hate her. I think a lot of people hate her for her beauty. I personal like her. She has built one of the biggest brands in America. Her phone app made $43 MILLION dollars in the first THREE months.

If she wants to show her ass and goodies, good for her. She talks about how she felt at her lowest self-esteem when she was pregnant cause she gained so much weight. I, of all people, certainly understand that feeling, and she’s put in the work to get her shit back right and is flaunting it. I ain’t mad about it!

And well, that’s that. What are your thoughts about Kim’s attempt to “break the internet?”

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