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Let’s Chat – Beyonce’s “7/11” Video
Nov 26

Let’s Chat – Beyonce’s “7/11” Video

Last week the ladies and I were talking about everything under the sun, and we came up on the topic of Beyoncé’s latest video, “7/11”. If you haven’t seen it yet, never fear… we’ll wait.

Okay, so now that you got your hand clapping and every dance move that you’ve ever done in your whole life out of the way in 3 minutes, we can get back to the discussion.

If you have been reading through the blog, you have no doubt noticed that this is a diverse group of extremely opinionated women. Therefore, I asked everyone what they thought about the video overall. And without fail, we got a diverse reaction to the video. You have to read all the way through to know what I thought about it. Grab your popcorn for this one… it got unexpectedly juicy! We’d love for you to chime in! Leave us a comment and join the conversation!

Brandy Harrison: First let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of Beyonce. Lol. The song to me is trash but I’m sure in nightclubs all over the world everyone is going to make an attempt at the hand clapping routine she did in the video and pumping it up because well.. It’s Beyonce.

As for the video… I truly believe this was her attempt to “Break the Internet” and show that you can be sexy while clowning around and still not have to take your clothes off. I mean booty popping and dancing in boy style brief’s never looked so good.

Ms. Jay Davenport: So I just viewed the video and I loved it. Just imagine kickin it with a few of your girls dancin, sippin, clowning around. Sounds like an awesome time to me. As I watched the video I smiled because it looked like she was having sooooo much fun. And with everything going on in the media about her it looks like she needs to let her hair down and have a bit of silly fun. Go Bey!

Brandy: You can tell she definitely had fun!!!!

Courtney Dade: I was obsessed with her thigh gap for the first 45 seconds of the video.

Mary Hanna: Oh look our beloved B is pretending to be drunk and dance around outdoors and in hotel hallways in underwear yay… Everyone’s going to hate me for this, but I think that this is Beyonce’s desperate attempt at a Miley Cyrus video and she’s so much classier than that. I mean I understand that this new generation is something that you have to be combative with given that she’s been around for so long, but she is such a prestigious performer that antics like this are kind of… I don’t know like “Ratchet” for lack of a better word. Like you don’t have to be ratchet to sell records and she’s obviously targeting a younger audience and I understand that’s the trending standard of today, but I would hope that Beyonce with all of her fame and influence would try to raise that bar rather than conform to it…

With Kim Kardashian completely naked on the cover of magazines and Beyonce loaded and drawls dancing around hallways, man, our next generation of girls has little hope for examples to help them in growing to be influential, prestigious, respectable human beings who can say that their women proudly… without having to feel like the size of their ass or the way that they twerk defines who they are.

Like I think she could have been the same kind of video and made it a little less “YouTube Attention Whore Raunchy,” but I do agree it looks like she had a blast making it.

I’m going to be completely honest after Kim’s look at my vagina bomb I just wanted Bey to come back with a power move statement like you don’t gotta get naked to be a boss… And hit that bitch with the subliminal statement of a lifetime.

Let me chime in with the positive she still looks great I mean she looks like she’s in her early twenties and it’s a lot of girls in their early twenties that can’t even say that…

Brandy: I think every generation has that one rebel that has no intention on being a role model and yet they end up being that. I.e Madonna, Marilyn Monroe.. Just to name a couple. This is why it’s very important for us as mothers to instill int our children, both girls and boys, that they don’t have to follow clichés and to set their own standards!!

Vanessa Evans: I love Bey. Point blank with the period!

Beyoncé is constantly reinventing herself and she’s a genius at keeping herself relevant. Constantly reminding everyone why is the greatest female performer of our time. (Our time I’m talking my and the younger generations)

She’s beautiful, crazy talented, innovative, classy and a true business women. I admire her hustle.

Her video is fun, she proved that you can break the Internet using a iPhone and a $20 budget while keeping it classy!

Nadiyah Albee: B always gets it. I feel like the video was a shout out to her younger self. She was so busy establishing herself as an icon, that if she would’ve put this out then, it wouldn’t have received positive feed back. But now she’s BEYONCÉ, and really could give a f*** ’cause…she’s Beyoncé!! Lolol

Vanessa: Nadiyah, exactly!!!!! People want Bey to be a old granny or some ish…. She’s in her early 30’s, a wife and a mother. Not in her 80’s, a widowed First Lady with grandkids. She’s relatable. She is an icon proving that she’s still a damn human. People just want her to sit in a rocking chair with her legs crossed.

Courtney: So my impression of the video, is really that Beyoncé is doing her thing. I used to be a really big Beyoncé fan, but over the years haven’t really been able get with her music, but I respect her nonetheless. I personally think the song is garbage… but totally in line with the ratchet crap they’re playing in the clubs these days. The video was interesting to watch because it looked really authentic. But I don’t really see her as a musician anymore… I really see her as a brand. As long as she keeps pumping out her music as frequently as she does, and performs as often and as hard as she does, she will always stay relevant and stay paid. Regardless of what you feel about her or her music, no one can deny that she works her behind off. She’s keeps a great pulse on what her audience wants, and delivers all of the time. And for that… I applaud her as an entrepreneur and an innovator.

What did you think about Beyonce’s “7/11” video? Leave your opinions in the comments section!

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