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Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal
Mar 03

Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is most known for its role in what? Grilling! There is nothing like some good ole barbequed hot links, especially when you let them burn a bit on one side, boyyyyyyyyy I love it when they’re like that. Gives em a little flava! And yes I said ‘flava’ and not flavor. Anywho, what if I told you that charcoal was good for much more. Activated charcoal powder, is an odorless, tasteless powder that absorbs poisons and toxins like it’s nobody’s business. It is a carbon that has been treated with oxygen. This makes the charcoal more porous. Porous charcoal has more bonding sites, causing things to be chemically attracted to the charcoal. In turn, this allows the charcoal to trap the chemical impurities that cause infection, inflammation and other toxic reactions in the body. It was used in WW1 inside the masks to counter poison gas. You will find charcoal inside of ambulances in case poisoning is encountered. When it’s swallowed with water, it inactivates the poison rendering it neutralized. This is some good stuff. Here are a few uses for activated charcoal.

Healthy Teeth & Brightening

I simply wet my toothbrush, dipped the bristles in the activated charcoal and brushed for 2 minutes. The top picture is the before and bottom is the after. Awesome right!! Spending bookoo bucks on a tooth whitening system….NOT THIS CHICK!

Before and After Charcoal Cleaning

Charcoal Poultices

Charcoal can help to lessen the pain and intensity of a boil as well as draw out the yukiness inside. These are good for treating boils, providing pain relief, reducing inflammation and swelling, treating bee stings and relieving itching from bug bites.  These things are also good for literally acting like another liver, by drawing out toxins from your body so that your liver isn’t doing all the work. You can find out how to make a poultice here. It’s super simple.


I haven’t personally taken the charcoal pills, so I can’t speak on the validity of it, but I have heard that is one method that people use to rid themselves of toxins.  I have used Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2 Capsules and boy I can testify that these things right here will suck the life out of your bowels, in a good way!!


I had a friend that complained that her husband’s face had an odor to it, not sure if it was from his beard or what. She said it made her not want to get close to him, and I mean heck, who wants to kiss the stanky face dude? I recommended she try some charcoal soap; PROBLEM SOLVED! You can purchase that here, and man o’ man does it smell good (lemongrass) WINNING!


Charcoal soap or a charcoal mask would stop acne in its tracks.

Now hold on a sec, after reading this article, I don’t want you going to the grocery store, purchasing a bag of charcoal and trying some of these tips. NOOOOO! It has to be activated charcoal, which is not the same stuff in the bags that’s doused with lighter fluid and petro-chemicals. Pleeeeeeeeez don’t brush your teeth with lighter fluid filled charcoal, I don’t think you would get the desired results. But seriously, this is one of those ingredients that are inexpensive and every household should keep handy. You can purchase some here.

Until next time beauties…

The body is a precious commodity. Nourish it! Love it!
Jay #SkincareStarlet

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