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Rocking Your Red Lip
Jul 16

Rocking Your Red Lip

I was flipping through Elle magazine at the nail shop, waiting for my bright yellow toe nail polish with zebra designs on my big toes to dry. I noticed that most of the ads for major brands had their models with a neutral eye and a bright red lip. And you know what? I was so interested in what they were selling, because their presence demanded so much attention. There’s something about the power of a bold red lip that has surpassed almost every makeup trend to hit the market. It’s absolutely timeless. The truth is there is power in a red lip. Red as a color emotes emotions of love, warmth, intensity, strength, and even a warning… don’t mess with this chick because she has her stuff together! There’s actually an article on the Power of Red (Lipstick) that was written in Psychology Today.

Fear of the red lip

But have you ever noticed that some people just WON’T wear a red lip. They will literally say they like it, but not on them. Or they would love to try it, but it’s just to bold. What really makes a person qualified to wear a bold red lip? What is the requirement for red lip wearers vs. non-red lip wearers? I have noticed that most of the women that are afraid of a red lip, have never actually tried it. For others that have tried a red lipstick, they have put on the wrong shade and never tried again. (Don’t worry, I’m going to give you some tips at the end of this blog about how to pick your perfect red).

From beauty to life

Of course this got me thinking. What things in life are you avoiding because you’re too fearful that it’s too bold or outrageous for your life? What if people make certain assumptions about who you are as a person if you tried something out of your norm? I can’t tell you the number of exciting ideas that I’ve had, that I’ve walked away from because I was afraid. This blog is one of them. I had so many insecurities and fears about putting my thoughts in public. What if no one read it? What if no one liked it? What if this, what if that? There were so many ways I talked myself out of doing it. But the day I decided to actually do it, I did some research, made a couple of attempts, and finally have executed something that I’m excited to do every week. There is definite power in trying something bold and different. Isn’t it time you stepped out of your comfort zone and did something that you’ve been excited to try?

And back to beauty

How about you start with that red lip we were talking about? So here are some tips to finding your perfect red lipstick.

Red Lip Selfie

My shameless seatbelt selfie rocking my red lip!

Know what works with your skin tone. There are different shades that work differently with your skin tone. For fair skin, coral reds look great and won’t overpower your face. For medium skin, pink/cranberry shades work well with golden undertones. For dark skin, deep rich colors like burgundy or wine don’t come across as too bright against your skin.

Make a couple of attempts. I actually have purchased some wrong red lipsticks. Some look good in the tube, but come out bright orange on my face. If you can, try the color on first. If you can’t, do what I do… improvise. Sometimes when I need to tone down red, I’ll use a brown lip liner or a deeper colored lip gloss on top to change the color slightly. If I need to pop up the red, I’ll use a true red lip liner to brighten it up.

Just try it. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, hit your local cosmetic store and have a professional make up artist apply the lipstick for you. Make sure you grab the hand mirror, or are staring at the mirror on the wall while they’re applying it to see if there are any tricks you need to catch to get that perfect look. Ask lots of questions. Makeup artists love to talk about their technique.

I’d love to hear from you… leave a comment and let me know what you’re going to try this week or how your red lip adventure went!

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