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Product Review: Usana Sense Skincare System
Jan 26

Product Review: Usana Sense Skincare System

About a month and a half ago, I was given the opportunity to try out a new skincare system from aesthetician and guest contributor Bellamy Cleary, from Usana. As I age and with the desert conditions of Southern California, my skin has been doing a number on me. So I was very willing to try something new and make some changes in my skincare routine. So here’s my review of the Usana Sense Skin Care System.

Usana Product Overview

One of the most appealing things about the Sense Skincare system, is that its formulations are made from plant-based extracts and natural ingredients. I’m learning more and more on a daily basis, the value of using green products on your skin and the long term effects that some chemicals can have on you.

I’ve been using the Sense Deluxe Pack with Serum Intensive which includes:

My Experience

There are a lot of products in the set, and at first glance it was a little intimidating. But once I really got into it, there was really no different than most basic skincare lines. The other pieces are supplemental products to address specific skincare needs. I’ve also found that as I get older, I just expect to work a little harder for the skin I want to have. The first thing that I have to mention before I get into detail of each product is, I love the smell of these products. Its very subtle, but really has a different kind of clean scent.

Gentle Daily Cleanser

Cleanser_150When I was reading the instructions for how to use the Gentle Daily Cleanser, it directed me to put it on my dry skin first, and then add water. The formula is soap-free, so there isn’t really a lather. I actually use my Mary Kay Skinvigorate Cleanser Brush, for all of my cleansers, and I could tell this cleanser really worked by the amount of makeup and dirt that was showing up in my brush. You use this product twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.


Hyrdrating Toner

Toner_150 As with most toners, the Hydrating Toner is used for deeper cleaning, and getting any additional impurities or dirt from the skin. One thing I noticed that was different about other toners, is it has a thicker consistency. I was really suspicious at first because I’m used to alcohol-based toners. I use this product with cotton pads, and enjoy not feeling any stinging from the alcohol. I actually found the formula really cooling and refreshing on my skin. It does what it says it does, because without fail there’s always excess dirt on the cotton pad.


Serum Intensive

Serum_150The Serum Intensive is one of the age-fighting products for blemish prone and oilier skin, but provides triple benefits. It hydrates, exfoliates, and firms. A little goes a long way, and the product could be used every day. To me, this product made the other products work a little better. It was also the only product that I ran out of, since you use it both morning and evening. But it’s a good investment, so its on my refill list. This product goes on before the moisturizer. A good tip I learned from Bellamy is serums always go on before creams (who knew?!?!).

Daytime Protective Emulsion

lg-350-US-DaytimeProtectiveEmulsionThe Daytime Protective Emulsion with SPF 15 is equivalent to a daily moisturizer with SPF 15. Bellamy explained to me that the lower SPF level is due to keeping less chemicals in the formula. I was able to use very little of the product to get the moisturizing that I needed, and the formula really was very lightweight.



Night Renewal Creme

NightRenewal_150In the evening, I followed the same routine as morning: Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, and Serum Intensive. But in the evening, instead of the Daytime Protective Emulsion, I used the Night Renewal Creme. I LOVED the way this product smelled and felt. Lately the dry weather has been really drying out my skin, and this product gave me some relief. On days it was extra dry, I supplemented the Creme Masque, but for most nights this product was enough.


Nutritious Creme Masque

Masque_150I love a good mask. I generally have oilier or combination skin, so I usually get masks that suck the oil out of my skin. The result is a super tight face, and I have to put the moisture back in with heavier moisturizers. The Nutritious Creme Masque had the same end result of pulling out dirt and oil, without the extra drying. Especially with the recent dry Winter weather wrecking havoc on my face, I need all the moisture I can get. I used this masque every other day or as needed. It goes on for 20 minutes, and didn’t fully dry. I did it right after my cleanser, but before the toner and moisturizer.

Rice Bran Polisher

Rice-Bran_150If you’ve read the article written by Ms. Jay, you’ll know how important it is to exfoliate your skin, but how you need to be cautious about what kind of products you’re using to exfoliate. We’re saying no to microbeads in this camp. Well, how excited was I when I read that rice was the main ingredient for the exfoliant that came with this product line. I love using the Rice Bran Polisher once a week, though its so gentle I could probably do it on alternating days from the creme masque. I used it in the shower and after my cleanser, before the other steps. The gentle exfoliation was very different from my microdermabrasion, which was so harsh I could only do once a month.

Eye Nourisher

EyeNourisher09_150A good eye cream is essential. Its the first place you can see aging in women, and for me… exhaustion too. The skin around your eyes is so sensitive too, so a gentle product is extra important. I have tried different eye creams over the years, and one thing that happens a lot is stinging from some of the age-fighters. I’m all for fighting age, so I usually just fan it and keep it moving. I appreciated the Eye Nourisher because it’s formula is extra thick and it doesn’t sting at all… which makes me think someone cares about how sensitive that skin actually is.

My Overall Feedback

I went in using this product line as a cynic, because I had tried Osmosis organic and all natural skincare line before, and though my skin looked healthier… I would get these ginormous, painful zits that ended up leaving me with scars I’m still trying to get rid of. But I really loved this line, and will continue using it. The only challenge is what I stated before about the Serum Intensive running out before the rest of the line, and it is the most expensive product in the bunch. Additionally, some nights I didn’t have the time to do all of the steps and would just go to the basic skincare products. Regardless of what I used, I noticed is my skin was healthier and it required less and less foundation. I also started feeling strange about putting heavier chemical based primers and foundations on my clean skin. I’ve recently gone back to Bare Minerals foundation, which I couldn’t wear before, since my skin was so bad off. The price is reasonable, and you can customize the line to meet your skincare needs. If you’re looking for a more natural skincare alternative, I would definitely recommend Usana’s Sense Skincare line. If you’re ready to get started, or would like a consultation, feel free to reach out to Bellamy Cleary at 602-616-5331 or visit http://bellamyclairecleary.usana.comto get your complimentary health assessment.

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