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Let’s Celebrate You – December 2014
Dec 01

Let’s Celebrate You – December 2014

December is upon us, and I can’t believe that the year is already coming to a close. This is definitely my favorite time of the year… the Holiday Season is filled with so many messages of love, joy, and happiness. I have a young son, so its especially magical being able to see the world through his eyes. I’m also so grateful this month for the successful launch of the website, and more importantly, the coming together of this diverse group of amazing women that make up the All Frills Beauty Team. This group has been together for an extremely short amount of time, but man, the synergy that is produced when we put our minds to it is nothing short of a miracle. So we’ve decided to dedicate this month of content to inspire your mind, body and spirit, with an array of subjects to get you ready for the holidays and send you into the New Year with style. Its a month long celebration, and we’re excited to share it with you!

All of the ladies in the lab are working on holiday looks, special skin care reports, health tips and goal setting for a successful 2015. We also know and understand that for so many, the holidays can be a time of struggle and hardship, especially if you’ve experienced any type of loss. We don’t shy away from the tough stuff, so we’ve even got a special series of posts to help you prevent the holiday blues… and we go deep.

This year is very different for me than the past few Decembers. I was so caught up in what or who I didn’t have, that I didn’t take the time to really appreciate who and what I did have. My vision was distorted, and I was ready for the holidays to just be over. But not this year, I’m filled with gratitude and hope… I’ve got a new attitude and new outlook. I appreciate all of the people that have subscribed to and shared the blog… the support has been overwhelming and a blessing. So get ready… because this joy is about to overflow, and we’re going to celebrate YOU!

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