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Eating your way to better skin
May 15

Eating your way to better skin

I can’t tell you how many times people come up to me asking the question “What do you have for dry skin, acne prone skin, eczema, etc…” My first reply is “What are you eating, what goes into your body?” People expect to be able to eat all the processed, sugary junk they can get their hands on, and produce healthy, gleaming skin. Ummmm no! Just like you have to eat right for your body to ward of sicknesses etc, the same applies to your skin. I cannot stress this fact enough that what goes in will surely come out. Now, I’m going to be honest, I’m not the healthiest eater in the world. I have to trick myself into eating fruit by covering it in caramel (don’t judge me, I’m working on this.) Anyways what I was going to say is that healthy recipes don’t have to be tasteless and boring. Below are tidbits of info about good ingredients that will promote a healthy body which will also promote healthy skin.

  1. Eating oatmeal for breakfast is better than pop tarts and donuts, as they can heighten blood sugar spikes. Blood sugar spikes can cause flare ups.
  2. Here’s a tasty 6 ingredient Teriyaki Salmon recipe. Salmon is packed with Omega 3’s which is great for skin.
  3. The protein you get from eating dairy helps skin become firmer, so it’s more resistant to lines, Dr. Wu says. Greek yogurt is especially beneficial. “The protein content is often double that of regular yogurt,” Dr. Perricone adds. Firmer skin makes wrinkles hard to stick around.
  4. Ever heard of the saying ‘the darker the berry…’ Not only are dark berries jammed with skin clearing antioxidants, but they’re packed with fiber too: great for staving off hunger pangs and regulating insulin production.
  5. I like eating these plain with salt and pepper, but you can find other ways to incorporate tomatoes into your diet. They are rich in vitamin C which keeps the skin firm and aids in collagen production. Collagen is that gold ole stuff that keeps the wrinkles away. Yes collagen…we love you!

Make sure you catch my next blog post which will talk about face mapping, and what breakouts on your face tell you about other areas of your body, reiterating the importance of eating right and keeping your other organs healthy.

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