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Spring and Summer Make Up Looks
May 05

Spring and Summer Make Up Looks

We’re well into Spring, making our way into Summer… so its time to refresh you look and let people see the lighter and brighter side of you. Here are 4 fun looks you can be sure will give you let the sun in!

Barely There

Barely There 1 Barely There 2

I’m still a huge fan of “barely there” or “fresh-faced” looks. It’s obvious that I have some makeup on, but I really do keep the eyeshadow and lips minimal. I tend to focus more on the highlights and contours in my cheeks to create an illusion of a thinner face. Hey… what can I say, I’m still coming out of hibernation and my cheeks haven’t de-fattened yet!

Splashed in Color

2015-03-24 15.18.31 2015-03-24 15.20.32

Who doesn’t love a little bling? A fun way to make eyes pop dramatically, without having to play in glitter… is to use a bright matte color. I used UD ELECTRIC Pressed Pigment Palette for these colors, and based with a white cream base to get a bold pop of color. A sheer berry lip gloss gave just enough life to my lips to not take away from my eyes.

Bold Colored Smokey Eye

2015-03-28 14.03.13 2015-03-28 14.03.21

Smokey eyes can often look like you’re doing too much during the day, but if you stay away from the black… you can get away with almost anything in the daytime. This color combo is a grayish blue eyelid with a burgundy in the crease. I matched my lipstick with a burgundy lip line, and sheer pink lipstick in the middle to compliment the crease colors.

Warm and Subtle

2015-03-30 13.32.19 2015-03-30 13.32.34 2015-03-30 13.32.36

Insired by the hues of the sun, its always nice to keep with warm beiges, browns and pinks when you have that natural spring lighting. Again, I opted for a berry, sheer lipgloss to add just a tint to my lips. Very light eyeliner, and I took extra time to make sure my blend was perfect.

Start playing with lighter colors, and definitely take good care of your skin. I’d love to hear what your favorite look is, and also what you’re doing differently now that the sun is peaking through the clouds!

Talk to you soon,



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