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Sweat In Style: The Perfect Workout Gear for Your Perfect Workout
Jan 07

Sweat In Style: The Perfect Workout Gear for Your Perfect Workout

f you’re anything like me, then you’re here at this new year thinking about all of the things that you need to do differently where you’re health is concerned. I’m one of those that needs to lose all that baby weight I put on from my son… well, because he’s 3 and that’s not baby weight anymore. It’s cheeseburger and beer weight.

I’ve been reading this great book by Rick Warren, The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life, and one thing that he really emphasizes is that the most effective exercise for you, is the one that you’ll actually do.

I definitely am a person that gets bored with too much repetition when it comes to working out, so I’ve decided to mix up my workout with a combo of workout DVDs, meeting with a personal trainer, some group fitness classes, and walking. At some point, I’d love to venture out in other activities that are more challenging… but for now, I’m focusing on things that I know will make me successful. So I know what you’re asking… what does this have to do with style? Well, if you are planning on venturing out into different activities, its important you’re dressed properly. So here’s a list of activities and it’s matching attire:


I’ve already proclaimed publicly in another post, that I’m a former yoga pants addict. I’ve only taken a few yoga classes. Okay well I’ve taken 2 yoga classes, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided to take a yoga class each week to help reclaim my flexibility. Ideally, you should look for a yoga pant that is a mix of spandex and nylon. The nylon helps avoid friction on the mat, while the spandex moves with your body without restricting movements. There are a variety of lengths and styles, but you want to focus on the right material. The yoga tops really are about your comfort. I enjoy the thin cotton/polyester blends that are long, and cover up whatever the yoga pants don’t. You can also go with a sports bra or half shirt, especially if you’re doing hot yoga! If you’re really doing the intense yoga or will be washing and wearing them often, you may want to invest in the higher performance options.

Yoga1 Yoga2 yoga3 yoga4


Though I already know I’m a ways off from running, I have decided to do some walk/jogging some mornings to get my blood flowing and get the day started burning massive calories. Running takes a greater toll on my body, so its really important to have a supportive bra. I have a large chest, so I personally have to use one with underwire, then I put another sports bra on top of it to get the proper support for the girls. Additionally, the right running shoe is so important to prevent injury. Be prepared for the weather, but remember… its going to warm up once you start to move, so light weight long sleeve shirts are always winners.

Running1 Running2 Running3 Running4

Cross Training

Though people often cringe at the thought of the gym, I can’t deny the options available there. My trainer likes to mix up my workouts with stability, strength, flexibility, and resistance workouts. We also use a variety of equipment, or sometimes none at all, to keep my muscles challenged with a variety of movements. My gear has to be just as flexible to keep up with my training. The most important thing again for me is a supportive bra, but its also important to have a breathable top and preferably high-performance leggings… I don’t need any extra excuses for why I can’t do an exercise.

CrossTraining1 CrossTraining2 CrossTraining3 CrossTraining4

Now, as I said earlier, if you’re planning on washing and wearing your workout clothes often (which should be the plan), I recommend investing a little money into them. You can click the image to go shop, if any of these styles are calling your name. If you’re not quite ready to spend $60 for a pair of pants, there are less expensive options. In the end, find the clothes that will help you move with the least amount of restrictions. And who says you can’t look cute while working out… You can also check out AMI’s newest line of workout attire to assure just that!

I would love to hear about your must-have workout gear. Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

Until next time,

Courtney Dade


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