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Style Guide: An Unforgettable Valentine’s Date Night
Jan 29

Style Guide: An Unforgettable Valentine’s Date Night

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, love is definitely in the air. This year, Cupid’s favorite day just so happens to fall on a Saturday, which means that we (the ladies) can spend the majority of the day getting prepped for our big Valentine’s Date Night!

Whether the plans are dinner and movie, dancing, or just hanging out, the object of this date night is much different from other date nights that you and your mate have had in the past. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but in the midst of that you can also own the night by taking the sexy and sophisticated side of yourself to the next level, to give him something to think about!! It’s time to step out of the comfort zone and make an impression.

First things first… If the date is a surprise and he’s not giving much detail about the location, it is completely ok for you to ask “what attire should I wear?” Heaven forbid you show up to a 5-start restaurant in jeans and flip-flops because at that point… all of the love will go out of the window and you are probably going to want to tear his head off for not giving you some type of heads up! Once that has been established it’s time to go to work!


So let’s assume he tells you that you should dress to impress. Sure no problem! Of course I always revert back to my favorite type of dress, the LBD (Little Black Dress). Is so versatile and  you can do so much with it. For V-day however, you want to take that dress up a notch. Something form fitting with a slightly plunged V-neck says flirty, sexy, but still sophisticated. Trust me.. with this type of dress the only time he will take his eyes off of you is when he is looking at the menu.



Of course you don’t want to compromise your comfort, but you still want something sexy that will accentuate the calf muscle and show off the work that you have been doing in the gym. My suggestion.. a nice pump. Since it’s still cold out (depending where you are) I would suggest something closed toe, or peep toe. Now the kicker is, since your dress is solid, you want to get an eye catching shoe to show off your sense of style. Just don’t go overboard with to many designs or colors!



For me… it’s something about long pearls that scream sexy and classy all in one. The good thing about it is that with a plunging V-neck the pearl necklace will neatly sit on the front of your dress and look very seductive. Now don’t over do it with the accessories. You don’t want to take away from yourself. The pearls and a matching ring should do the trick. You also want to carry a small clutch that will be big enough to hold your ID, compact/mirror, lip stick for touch up and gum/breath mints (Oral hygiene is a must).

Pearl-Necklace-300x300R0163-14-0414-Aphrodite-Ring-Silver-300x200 clutch-225x300


Ok so I know that not every woman wears makeup nor have the desire too. But for this night.. throw that all out of the window! Remember, we are stepping out of our comfort zone and “Plain Jane” needs to be put on the back burner (no offense, just keeping it real). The eyes are windows to the soul and tonight is all about connecting with your soul mate. Go with something neutral on the eyes and a red or pink lip. You can either DIY your face, treat yourself to your favorite cosmetics counter, or find an MUA to hook you up (BTW, if you are in the Las Vegas area, I have a few V-day openings *wink*).


Valentine’s Day date night is all about celebration of love and/or relationships. For some it’s keeping the flame alive, for others its reigniting the flame or it could simply be the start of a new flame. Whatever the case maybe, create the wow factor and make him drool girl!!

And as usual.. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that this entire ensemble is under $100!!


-Brandy #FrugalFashionista

Shop the look!!

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