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Step Up Your Style With Boots
Nov 22

Step Up Your Style With Boots

Fall has officially arrived, and I for one am beyond thrilled about it. ‘Cause you know what time it is right? Boots time!!! (As I clap my hands gleefully). I LOVE boots. I have more boots than any other style of shoes (except maybe flip-flops), which might seem crazy cause it isn’t exactly like we get all types of boot weather here in San Diego. But that doesn’t matter to me, because… well, I love boots. So much so that I just bought four pairs of thigh high boots, bringing my thigh high collection to roughly 12-15 pair. When choosing boots for this fabulous Fall weather three things come to mind – comfort, style and price.


No need to compromise style for comfort

No need to compromise style for comfort

Comfort is first and foremost. The wonderful thing is that we, as women, no longer have to sacrifice our toes for that fashion-forward look. Boots come in so many different fashionable styles nowadays, that you can find what you’re looking for without compromising on the comfort level. Hot in the stores right now are riding boots. Do I have a horse? Uumm no, but that hasn’t stopped me from snatching up a pair! They usually have a small heel, are knee high and look great with skinny jeans or leggings.


Show stopping stiletto boots with fur

Show stopping stiletto boots with fur

And since we’re talking style now, these items can be paired with a cozy sweater and scarf, layered tees with a fitted coat, or a whimsical dress and denim jacket. Either way, you can’t lose! For a more elevated look, try a wedge heel or a smokin’ bootie. Now if you’re into stilettos (or as I refer to it, the “Peggy Bundy” look), don’t be shy about choosing a statement boot; maybe one that has buckles, a perforated peep-toe, animal print, something that stands out and says “LOOK at this boot! I will put it in your ass if you mess with me!!” Okay, that may be a bit much, but you see where I’m going with it lol. And don’t be afraid to buy in different colors. Make a bold statement with a red, blue or purple boot. Styling your boots with a bangin’ outfit doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Make a statement with a bright bootie

Make a statement with a bright bootie


Trending: Riding Boots

Trending: Riding Boots

Last but not least is price. Nobody wants to pay mega bucks for boots so it’s about knowing where to shop. My personal favorite is DSW. They never fail to have a massive selection of discount boots. I mean aisles and aisles of boots and on top of that, they have a rewards program that gives back as you spend. I’ve received discount coupons that have saved me almost half off a purchase. I also really like the website At this site you’ll find funky boots that cater to all types. They’re priced to sell and often have discounted days (Did I mention it’s where I got my four pairs of thigh highs for $120.00 at 55% off??!!??). In addition, check your local discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross and Burlington Coat Factory. If you look patiently, you’re bound to find a steal. So get out there and get your boot game on!!

(See discount websites below)

Stylish & Affordable

DSW Boots

Burlington Coat Factory

Boots for under $20 at AMI Clubwear

TJ Maxx


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