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Bright Eyed for Fall
Nov 21

Bright Eyed for Fall

Though I really don’t consider myself to be overly trendy, as a makeup artist and beauty blogger, I definitely have to make sure I know what’s new and hot in the world of beauty and style. So this Fall season is all about big bold colors… such a difference from the conservative grays that were everywhere last year. I actually wrote a whole blog about it!

So my new thing is to record “Project Runway All-Stars” on Thursday nights on Lifetime since Mary Kay Cosmetics sponsors their makeup runway looks. One of the looks that I’m currently loving is the bold colored eyeliner on a nearly nude lid and a prominent eyelash.

From beauty to life

Before you go through and scrutinize my selfies, I have a couple of disclaimers I’d like to put out there:

  1. I’m a makeup artist by profession, and have far more patience and success doing makeup looks on other people than on myself.
  2. Outside of #seatbeltselfies, I’m not really a fan…

But to be honest, this whole experience is all about stepping out of my comfort zones. Not just trying on a bold colored eyeliner, but putting my thoughts in a format that allows people in. Even the act of taking and posting HD selfies, is completely uncomfortable. You’ll be able to see my big pores, my acne scaring, and my wildly curly eyebrows. But my hope is you’ll also see something else. I’m hoping you’ll see that in my discomfort, I’m learning to be a powerhouse again. I’m learning how to be bold, confident, and daring again…. Even daring enough to rock a bright blue eyeliner on a nude eye lid.

And back to beauty

So here we go! I’ve tried two different style lines on my eyes in an attempt to show 2 different variations.

2 different styles of blue eyeliner

2 different styles of blue eyeliner

The look on the right is a full eye, top and bottom with Mary Kay’s “Blu My Mind” Fluid Eyeliner. I actually have a hard time with cat eye’s because I have these perfect little black smudges nature created by my eye, but with a few more attempts I’m sure this could be a great look. As you can see from the picture above, of the two, the right side of the picture is much bolder and demanding. I had to put the false lash on and really line the bottom lid to make it work. I also found that I needed to put a very fine line of black liner around the eye to frame it.


Mary Kay at Play’s “Blu My Mind” Fluid Liner around the entire eye

The left is my favorite of the two. The black wing liner with the colored liner on top of it. Its much subtler, but I think it looks great with just a good mascara.

Blue Eyeliner 2

Subtle pop of blue over black thin cat eye

In the end, I would challenge you to try it yourself. We’d love to see how your attempt at being bolder goes! You can find us on Facebook at, and post your sassy selfie to the page.
Until next time!

Feeling uncomfortable, yet excited,


P.S. Cheers to all you master selfie takers! I applaud you!


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