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The Holidays, The Little Black Dress, and You
Nov 25

The Holidays, The Little Black Dress, and You

So you just checked your mailbox and you are now holding invitations to two Holiday parties. If you are anything like me by this time in the Holiday months, your bank account is looking a little tight because you went overboard on Christmas shopping already! So now comes the question at hand….what am I going to wear to both of these parties? This is where the “Universal Little Black Dress” and two separate sets of accessories will come in handy!

What is the Universal Little Black Dress?

Coco Chanel famously once said “simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. When shopping for a little black dress, keep it simple. For example, the Bodycon wrap dress below is perfect. There is nothing extra to it and that is exactly what you need to make it universal. This particular dress was found on a website that is based out of the UK and ranges from size 8-18. The price is  $16.13 once the currency has been converted. After shipping you are looking to pay… drumroll please.. $25. By ordering from websites such as, you can pretty much guarantee that you will be the only beauty in the room with this dress!!


How should I accessorize?

So glad you asked! You see my beauties, when it comes to the little black dress, accessories are everything. This is what’s going to make you turn heads at both of those parties!

1. Necklace

– You can either go with something simple as a baby box chain and a small heart pendant, or you can go bold with a “statement necklace” (my personal favorite and also available for purchase at the online boutique).

2. Earrings

– This all depends on what you choose for your necklace. If you go with the simple chain and pendant, chandelier earrings will compliment perfectly. However, if you the statement necklace you really do not need to add much to your ears. A simple pair of diamond stud earrings or tear drop earrings that match your necklace will suffice.

3. Bracelet

– Personally, I’m not a bracelet wearer. However, if you opt to wear something on your arm a small charm bracelet or chain bracelet will compliment your wrist in a elegant way.

4. What about my shoes?

When it comes to a little black dress, shoe selection is very simple.  Always go for something high around 4-5 inches and make sure it is colorful and bright. You never want to opt for an all black shoe simply because you’re going to party not to mourn someone death!! Also make sure that your shoe matches your jewelry for that “wow” factor! Most importantly, make sure the shoe is comfortable so that you can dance all night and enjoy yourself!!


5. Should I carry a handbag?

Absolutely!! But keep in mind that you don’t need to carry around a huge wallet and in my case toys, a Pull Up and baby wipes. Nope, you need some small and dainty but can still hold your ID, Debit card, lipstick, compact and maybe even your keys. A clutch bag offers it all. It is very classy and elegant but still gets the job done!


6. And my makeup?

Keep it simple. A neutral non-dramatic smokey eye will compliment any color that you choose to wear. As for lips, well I’m a matte red lip girl myself, but a nude lip with a hint of sparkle will be absolutely stunning as well!


So now that you have the guide to dressing up your Universal Little Black Dress it’s time to purchase 2 separate sets of accessories and hit 2 different parties. Have fun putting each look together and when you arrive at each party, step into the room and own it!!




Shop the look

If you would like to purchase the items in the post below are the links. Also don’t forget to check out online boutique for all of your accessory needs!!

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