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Ebates: Shopping to Get Money Back
Nov 26

Ebates: Shopping to Get Money Back

Why I Love Ebates

Sssooo, I have a confession to make. Mmhmm and I see your eyes going wide with a little bit of morbid curiosity. What could she possibly have to confess you wonder? No I did not bury a body in my back yard, tempting as it may have been at times, lolol. My confession is that I.AM.A.BOUTIQUE.FREAK. There, I said it. I’m a boutique hussy, with a minor addiction that I can’t seem to shake. I am a bargain shopper to the max and the boutiques that are available feed the need…the need for a great deal. I have memberships at too many boutiques to count; Hautelook, Gilt GroupGilt City, Groupon, Living Social, Nomorerack, Beyond the Rack, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Touch of Modern,Shop; the list goes on and on. BUT my favorite membership by far is with Ebates. For those of you who don’t know, Ebates is an online rebates store. Their motto is “Ebates – Where it Pays to Shop Online,” and let me tell you, they aren’t lying, and every boutique I just mentioned is on Ebates.

How it works


First and foremost, the Ebates membership is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying any type of fees to benefit from being a member. Ebates truly pays YOU when you shop online. Once you enter their website, you’ll be greeted by a page that gives you an almost infinite list of stores that offer a percentage back of your purchase price. All you have to do is click the link and voila! You’re on your way! Sounds too good to be true huh? I can see how it may appear that way, especially if you’ve seen their commercial where the people are talking about getting upwards of $900.00 dollars back. Now if you’re spending thousands of dollars at multiple stores while taking advantage of their double cash back deals (that’s right, DOUBLE CASH BACK DEALS), then yes, I can see that happening. But if you’re like me, where you’re buying online here and there, sometimes spending real money, sometimes not, you know that a figure like that is unlikely, but that doesn’t mean there’s no benefit cause who couldn’t use some cash back off a purchase? Money is money!!


Sooo, where’s my money?

Now I know what you’re wondering. How soon after shopping do I get paid? I get it; it’d be my second question after whether or not the membership cost money. Ebates dishes out a payment every three months, so basically every quarter you can look forward to getting some mullah back. You can receive your cash back via a Big Fat Check, PayPal, or if you’re feeling benevolent have them send your cash back to your favorite charity, organization, or a family member. These options can be found in the ‘Big Fat Payment Settings’ of your account. Now three months may seem like a long time to some, but let me tell you, there’s nothing sweeter than getting a check you weren’t expecting. No lie, a couple of my checks have filled my gas tank.

What boutiques are on there?

Now back to the subject of the awesomeness of Ebates. The great thing is that the website caters to every need. Looking for clothes? You’re covered. You can shop Nordstrom at 6% cash back, Nordstrom Rack at 2.5% cash back, Macy’s at 6% cash back, BCBG, Banana Republic, Armani, just to name a few. Looking for electronics? You’ll find cash back deals from Best Buy, Walmart, Target; cell phone companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Boost Mobile. You can get cash back on the following purchases: jewelry, health and beauty, food and wine, flowers and gifts (I recently received 20% back on my purchase of birthday flowers I sent to my mother-in-law), gift cards, games and toys, luxury items, shoes and accessories. I could continue to list things you can get cash back on, but where would the fun for you be in that? Visit the page and explore at your leisure. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. If anything you’ll be thinking, “Damn! As much as I shop online, why the hell haven’t I been a member?!?” Don’t feel bad about it. I’m here to put you on game! I’ve been a member since 2011 and I’ve received a total of $188.49, and that’s only from the purchases in which I went through the website. Had I gone through the Ebates website on all of my online purchases, that figure would be exponentially higher, but even I forget sometimes. So don’t wait! Start getting money back today! Click here and become a member!

Talk with you later!

Nadiyah J. Albee



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