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Winter Coats: Best Looks for Special Occasions
Jan 28

Winter Coats: Best Looks for Special Occasions

Hullo dah-links,

Your resident #BoutiqueFreak is back in effect to dish about my opinion on winter coats. When our All Frills trusty leader Cocolicious came at me about this topic, I was only too happy to write about it, especially since I LOVE coats. I know… it seems like I love everything, but when you own a matrix type black leather with silver lining, a camel colored floor length Shearling, a burgundy collarless waist length croc leather, a Joan of New York camel knee length trench, a dark brown suede coat with fuzzy furry softness on the inside, I think it’s safe to say that, yes, I do indeed love and appreciate the power of a great coat. Especially since if I listed all the coats I own, it’d be the entire article. Just like shoes, a coat can make or break your outfit so you want to make sure that it bangs on stat along with whatever kick ass heels you’re rockin’.
A great coat has the power to set your mood when you’re ready to walk out the door. The beautiful thing about coats is that you can have any body type and look great in basically any coat. When I put on a coat, I’m looking to complete my look and I want to leave the house knowing that my coat is the icing on the cake of my outfit; That I’m looking good, as Tyra Banks says “H-2-T” (Head 2 Toe).

Let’s talk about what type of coat I think goes best with what occasion.

Date Night

Date NightDate Night… Aahhh sweet, sweet date night… whether you’re going to a romantic restaurant with your long time boo or a wine bar with a new boo, date night is a time to doll up and put yourself on display and a fabulous coat is just the thing to keep you cozy and looking good. Now for me, I rarely remove my coat because I like to use it to accentuate how gorg my outfit is. Kinda like a teaser, on some, you’d like to see what I got underneath this coat huh? You want to be comfortable so I recommend cute comfy jeans, poppin’ wedges, dangly earrings with a fitted top that shows off the girls and a coat that lets the girls show too. Top off your outfit with a textured clutch that compliments your coat. I like coats with either big lapels or no collar and belted is always a preference because it creates and emphasizes your curves. That’s always a good thing. Finish your look with a natural look palette for your face. Bronzes, browns with a small accent of color in your eye with a nude lip. Nude lip cause I’m sure there are going to be kisses during the night and nothing wipes off better!


Business Meeting/Power Lunch

Business Meeting 1Work politics can be a headache at times. If you’re like me, a woman looking to get ahead in a corporate, male-dominated field, then you know that when it’s time to meet with the boys you’ve got to be at the top of your game. Walking into the boardroom in a statement-making coat let’s the occupants know you’re there to take care of business… and look fabulous while you do it. If you like a more traditional style, pair a black fit and flare dress with textured tights and kick ass booties. Add a colorful belted coat to play up your curves and break up the monotony of black. Add some hoops and a slamming briefcase to carry your business items and your good to go. If you have more of an edgy style, don’t be afraid to put it on display in a professional manner.


Business Meeting 2Winter 2015 lines are showing a lot of military/steamboat punk styles. I personally like this. The looks are creating shape with the square shoulders, tapered into the waist with a bit of flare at the hips on the longer lengths. Use the strength of this profile to strut into the room like you own it and everyone in it. Paired with a power red dress, funky heels with print tights, black earrings and metal studded bag, your edgy power outfit will be complete and get you noticed in a good way.

Cocktail Party

When I think of a cocktail party, I think of glamorous people milling about, drinking martinis and scotch – A party without the dancing if you will. It’s a time to mingle, catch up and gossip or conduct business; and for these things you, of course, want to look fabulous. I have four looks that come to mind:

  1. Rock Star Glam
  2. Old Hollywood Glam
  3. Traditional Glam
  4. Invite Only Glam

Rock Star Glam

Glam Rock LookRock Star Glam is the broad who has a bit of edge. She loves a smooth looking leather jacket to compliment her gorgeously glittering dress, chandelier diamond earrings, lace up stilettos and don’t eff with me clutch, complete with spikes and skulls. This broad wants to stand out amongst the glittering throng of people, who are more than likely wearing a rainbow of colors, with the darkness of her demeanor and apparel. The sharp cuts her cropped leather coat set the tone of “I can be a dangerous bish and I am not to be messed with.” (le sigh… I love this broad)

Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood Glam speaks for itself. This broad is all about bringing that 1920’s vibe to the party. What first gets her noticed is the luxurious white fur that covers her knee length sequin dress. Accompanied by a jeweled clutch with rose colored gold and diamond hoops, there’s no need for flashy shoes so she keeps them simply nude. The fur is bangin’, the dress is bangin’, the clutch is bangin’, the earrings are bangin’ and her understated but beautiful stilettos complete her outfit.


Traditional Glam

Traditional GlamThe broad who loves the [trx_highlight type=”2″]Traditional Glam[/trx_highlight] look is all about “acceptable appearances”. She shows her stature by wearing a cropped cape of opulent fox fur, a covers up with a beautifully draped high neck dress with a black belt detail, black tights, pearl earrings, an understated clutch, but gives her outfit a major lift by wearing black and nude glitter shoes. Her outfit is about her fox fur and Jimmy Choo glitter shoes.

Invite-Only Glam

Invite Only Glam

Invite-Only Glam… need I really say more? Ok, since you insist. I imagine the Invite Only Glam is a once a year event; an all-white party and the time to pull out all the stops. This once a year event starts off as a cocktail party and as the night goes on, turns into the swankiest party of the year. This broad sets the tone of how people will be whipping their necks around to get a look at who she is from the fur and cashmere long cape she wears. This cape is the epitome of extravagance. I mean cashmere and fur?? Yyaaassss… and the all diamond hoops and diamond bracelets compliment it perfectly. To keep the ethereal look going this broad wears a Grecian-type high low, cleavage baring, cut out dress with sky high strappy sandals. She is giving it to the people. H-2-T dammit… H-2-T!!!

Ultimately ladies, your coat should be your first statement piece that makes people take notice. It should make you stand a little straighter, throw your shoulders back and give face. You know you’re a bad bish and your coat should be the first thing that confirms that fact. Until next time dah-link!!




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