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Formal vs Non Formal: Stealing the spotlight at the ball!!
Dec 15

Formal vs Non Formal: Stealing the spotlight at the ball!!

A few weeks ago, while scrolling on one of the Facebook groups I belong too, I read a post from a random guy and it was captioned as follows: “Fellas, what would be your reaction if you showed up to the girlfriends house to pick her up for a formal Holiday party at your job and she was wearing this?” Well, I guess you want to know what “this” is right? Warning… the below image is what we like to call a “Glam Shame”.


First off, let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with owning your sexy. If you got it, by all means flaunt it and do it with confidence. This particular garment is actually not dress at all. It is considered a tunic which is a women’s upper garment that extends over the hips and sometimes below the hips. After seeing the picture, of course I would not be myself if I didn’t go through and read some of the comments. There were mixed reviews all around on whether this was a formal dress. Both men and women were stating that either:

(A) It was raunchy and she should not leave the house at all or

(B) What’s the big deal, she looks good. Well…. I commented with my own option…

(C) which was, maybe she doesn’t know any better?

There is a huge difference between “Cocktail/Semi Formal” attire and “Formal” attire. To briefly sum it up, if your event invitation states cocktail/semi formal attire, you would definitely break out the “Universal Black Dress” which I discussed in a previous post. If your event invitation states formal attire, that’s when you go all out to make yourself look like Cinderella when her Fairy Godmother finished with her!! You most certainly would want to wear a gown or evening dress. Something floor length with fancy embellishments and depending on the style of the dress, minimal accessories so that you do not take away from the gown itself. Sweep your hair into a nice up do and beat your face with a neutral smoky eye, a pale pink cheek and a nice gloss to accentuate your natural beauty because again, you do not want to take away from the dress!! I’m getting excited thinking about it!! Check out some of my favorites in the evening gown/formal wear category!!


So I’m going to leave you with two rules:

  1. Triple check the preferred attire on your invite
  2. If you have doubts in your mind, don’t wear it!! The only way to steal the spotlight at the ball is to show up in looking your best AND feeling your best! Now get out there and find that dress for your formal Holiday party!!!



Shop the look!!!

If you would like to purchase any of the formal dresses shown, below are the links. Also, don’t forget to check out the online boutique for all of your accessory needs!!

Speechless Sleeveless Glitter Ombre Gown

One Shoulder Mermaid Style Evening Dress

Gold Embroidered Gown

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