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The Beauty of Sisterhood
Jan 08

The Beauty of Sisterhood

I’ve always had trust issues when it comes to having women as close friends. My issues were based on past relationships where I had been betrayed or continuously lied to and it got to the point that I just didn’t want any female relationships whatsoever. That even included my family. I shut the world out and depended solely on myself.

Over the past few years I decided to open up to the possibility of creating new and healthier relationships. It has been a true blessing, and I have met some phenomenal women from all walks of life. Women of high standards. Women who have proven to be trustworthy. Women who I’ve formed tight bonds with. It made me realize that by shutting the world out, I missed out on some potential great friendships and networking opportunities. I missed out on sisterhood.

What do I consider sisterhood. Well it’s not always blood related that’s for sure. Sisters will be there for each other no matter what. They will give each other the shirts off of their backs. In the late night hours when you are having feelings of self doubt and feel like you just can’t go on, you can call each other up to talk through it and pray with one another . Sisters also give the real about something that either of you maybe doing wrong  and then hug it out and come up with the solution to the issue. And of course the best part of having a sisterhood is that more than likely you all have something in common which gives conversation and the best gossip ever!

Moral to the story.. stop being “team no new friends” be willing to open up just a tad. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t want to go out and tell all of your personal business to someone that you just met, but don’t dismiss them either. And you do not have to be best friends with someone to have a sisterhood. The beauty of sisterhood is women empowerment. It’s uplifting one another, being supportive and having each others best interest in mind. It’s being your sisters keeper.

Until next time my sisters!!




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