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Product Review: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
Jan 05

Product Review: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I’m totally obsessed with lashes and I think it’s because mine are non-existent. Unfortunately, due to allergies and the constant rubbing of my eyes I cannot wear falsies or extensions everyday, so mascara has become my drug of choice. As a former Younique presenter I use to find it very hard to compare other mascara’s to the infamous “3-D Fiber Lashes” because nothing really compared to it. But… last month when I purchased the Ammo palette from Urban Decay, they sent me a sample of Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and I am in love.

Oh Perversion… How I love thee. Bigger.Blacker.Badder.. and boy did they deliver. The formula contains “Hairdensyl” which is a blend of proteins and amino acids that stimulate hair growth (that’s a plus for me because my eyelashes without mascara look like bald edges).  I love the fact that the texture is creamy which makes it easier to glide on. My lashes feel full, but not weighed down. It is also smudge/waterproof for the watery itchy eyed sistas such as myself. I put this to the test last week when I attended a funeral and had a serious allergy attack all in the same day!


When shopping for mascara the biggest thing for me is the wand. Urban Decay didn’t get all fancy with the wand or the brush bristles. In fact, when you pull the wand from the tube it just looks like a regular mascara brush that you would buy from the drugstore. But to my surprise the application process was very smooth. The bristles grab on to each lash and coats them evenly. And the best part is I am even able to reach the inner and outer corner of my lashes without having to angle the wand in a weird position. This also eliminates the infamous “Mascara Face.”


To sum it up, Perversion gets two thumbs up from me. It’s an amazing mascara for all of my fellow lash junkies to try!! You can purchase Perversion Mascara for $22 from our partners at or directly through!



Until next time beauties!!

-Brandy, #FrugalFashionista

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