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20 Tips for Battling Eczema
Mar 24

20 Tips for Battling Eczema

Eczema is one of those tricky, unpleasant, uncomfortable, irritating skin conditions. I have known people who have a stockpile of eczema products that they have collected over the years because they simply can’t find the right products. I know another person that said she used products on her daughter that seemed to work for a few months, and all of a sudden they stopped working.  She also said that she tried what every commercial and doctor says to try which is ‘bathing in oatmeal’ and it made her daughters condition even worse. So what do you do with all of the advice and information out there? One thing to keep in mind is that different products work for different people, so unfortunately what might have worked for some won’t work for others. Take a look at the list and hopefully it will help you against your battle with eczema.

  1. Switch to an oil based moisturizer or ointment, and apply it as soon as you step foot out of the shower. These seal in moisture much better than lotions
  2. Dress in layers in the winter months so that you don’t overheat. Prevents the scratch/itch cycle.
  3. Get out of those wet clothes. Those that live in snow/wet areas know why this is on the list
  4. Shower in warm NOT hot water. Hot water dries the skin out even more
  5. I know this is a hard one, but don’t scratch if you can help it. Once you start, you won’t stop
  6. CALM DOWN! Yes, stress can trigger eczema. I am a living witness to that
  7. Don’t wear irritating fabrics such as wool, or those that promote sweating. Try using choosing cotton or cotton blends
  8. Use unscented everything. i.e. moisturizer, laundry detergent, soaps
  9. Try changing your detergent
  10. Consider getting rid of rugs huge fluffy rugs that can harbor dust mites and allergens.
  11. Wear gloves when washing dishes, or tasks that will take longer than a few moments to complete
  12. Stay away from restrictive clothing. Your skin needs to breath
  13. Guard yourself against extreme temperatures. Extreme hot/dry temps can cause a flare up. Using a cool mist humidifier can help with this
  14. Keep skin hydrated on the inside as well (drink lots of water) you will hear some so called experts tell you that this isn’t true, but I can personally attest to this. Sometimes it’s not what you are putting on your skin, but what you are putting in your body
  15. Eat foods rich in Omega 3’s
  16. Avoid caffeine as it can trigger a flare up
  17. Eat more live foods and drink green veggie drinks (such as those that contain kale, celery, and cilantro). For other tips on how food can contribute to your skin, check out this article on beauty eating.
  18. Switch out your household cleaners
  19. Try removing, wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, soy, eggs, corn and other grains for at least 30 days. Not everyone can process these foods properly and they have been linked to triggers in some people. Add them back slowly, one at a time to see if any are a trigger for you.
  20. Change, or dust your curtains regularly as they can harbor allergens.

Eczema can be a lengthy and tricky battle, but if you find out what triggers it, you can beat it head on. It’s not one of those things that will stop immediately, but over time you can come out on top using the process of elimination. Good luck on your journey!

Jay #SkinCareStarlet


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