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Christmas Make Up Looks – Winter Wonderland
Dec 05

Christmas Make Up Looks – Winter Wonderland

I hope you were able to check out my other post about Christmas Make Up Looks, where I took a couple of attempts at variations of that traditional Green and Red color scheme that is so closely related to Christmas. It was the first time in a long time that I had truly been inspired to create something. I know that as a make up artist, people assume that I should always be filled with the creativity and inspiration to create beautiful makeup looks, but the reality is sometimes I’m just not feeling it.

From beauty to life

One thing I’m learning though, is that I have to move, regardless of what I feel like. Having a beauty blog that you want to succeed certainly helps that responsibility factor, but it doesn’t always entice creativity. Actually, I kind of discovered that the overwhelm and pressure of life, was part of the problem I’ve had over the past couple of years, that has kept me from really being able to express myself. But as I’ve heard so many times before… you have to trust the process. The process has taught me that there’s always something to inspire you, when you’re open to it.

If you’ve been following other posts on the blog or if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this holiday season started out so much different than the past few. I had holiday cheer on December 1st! A trip to Sea World in the holiday season was the trigger for me this time, but there’s other times when a movie, a food, a song, a dream, or an image can have just as much impact. The trick is to be open to allowing any or all of your five senses to be your muse.

And back to beauty

I was able to recruit my friend and fellow contributor, VanessaEvans, to work out a Winter Wonderland look for me too. She ACTUALLY is experiencing her first real Winter since she moved from Sunny San Diego, CA to Georgia. By the way, we’re having a posting party over at! We want to see what make up looks this Christmas Season has stirred up in you! Please enjoy and share. If you have any specific questions about any of the looks… feel free to leave a comment!

Look created by Courtney Dade.

Look created by Courtney Dade. Channeling a little Queen Elsa from Frozen.

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