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Beauty Trends – Winter Dark Lipstick
Dec 17

Beauty Trends – Winter Dark Lipstick

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I usually enjoy a dramatic eye look with a nude or pouty pink lip, but colder weather and longer nights, definitely calls for deeper and darker lip colors. A couple of week ago I walked into a MAC store out here to talk to one of their artists. I was asking her what people were purchasing and asking for the most. I mean, its one thing for me to look at instagram and subscribe to all of the major cosmetic brands’ newsletters… but the truth in what people are wearing, comes in the form of where they are willing to spend their money. I decided to take them home and try them out myself. The six I grabbed were Amorous, Diva, Flat Out Fabulous, Heroine, Rebel, and Ruby Woo. Here was my experience with them, in no particular order!

Before I get into my review of particular colors, for the most part this season is all about the matte lip. I think that even the semi-matte lipstick from MAC is extremely matte… almost too matte. When I use it on my clients, I generally mix it with a dab of another creme color just so I can smear in across their lips with a brush. But true to form with MAC, you can almost eat anything and still have full lip color on. If you’ve used MAC’s matte lipsticks, you already know! Okay so here we go!


Amorous 1

MAC Lipstick in Amorous

Please don’t mind the mundane look on my face, I actually liked this shade of soft plum. The MAC artist told me that a lot of women were coming in for that rosier neutral lip color that Kylie Jenner made famous. Having an ebony skin-tone, I opted for something richer version. Its the most romantic of the bunch to me and wears well with a dramatic eye or a nude barely there look. I do like to put a slightly pink lipgloss on top for an everyday look.

MAC Cosmetics in Diva

MAC Cosmetics in Diva

Diva is pretty much a maroon on me. It’s not quite wine, because it doesn’t have much blue in it and I wouldn’t call it burgundy because it doesn’t have a lot of brown in it. Its about the closest my skin will tolerate in this shade with a hint of orange in it, before it looks too orange. I used this look in my holiday inspired look on a previous post, and it paired VERY nicely with my green smokey eye.

Flat Out Fabulous 1

MAC Lipstick in Flat Out Fabulous

Okay. So Flat Out Fabulous was one of those “heck no” colors when I first put it on. But I left it on longer than the other ones, and didn’t realize it was because I WAS FEELING MYSELF EVERY TIME I WALKED BY THE MIRROR! I don’t know what it is about this color, but it really makes me happy. Its a cheery color and I think it looks best with similar colors in the pink families. It truly lived up to its name.

MAC Lipstick in Heroine

MAC Lipstick in Heroine

So Heroine straight out the tube isn’t really a good look for me. One of my other contributors, Mary Hanna wore it for a photo shoot I did and it looked great on her skin tone. I need to maybe play with it with a berry lip line or use it as the middle of an ombre look. Of all of the shades, this was the least favorite.


Mary rocking this Heroine…. waaaay better than I do.

MAC Lipstick in Smoked Purple

MAC Lipstick in Smoked Purple

I really couldn’t smile while I took pictures in Smoked Purple. The Goth Chick inside of me wouldn’t allow it. This color kind of grew on me. I probably should have tried it with my glasses, because I felt like I felt really interesting and smart with it. My natural lip is already kind of dark, so this was a very intense look. On a side note, when I mixed it with my Mary Kay Dazzle Tart lip gloss, it livened it up just enough with the gloss and the touch of plum to make it a more every day wear look. For sure not as interesting, but a really great a rich look.

Rebel 1

MAC LipGlass in Rebel

This was the only shade that I purchased that was in a LipGlass. Don’t get t twisted, this lip gloss doesn’t move either, but I think that the tinted Lip Glass is so rich in color that I wasn’t missing much with the lipstick. Rebel is really a nice plum color that again I love wearing with my pink hues.

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

There is something about a #seatbeltselfie that gets me every time. Its probably the natural lighting, but this was the best Ruby Woo shot that I got on the way to a make up gig. Ruby Woo is definitely the true red we’ve all been looking for as women. Its a great base and because its made in MACs matte lipstick, it barely moves off of your lips. Kiss away ladies!

So let’s recap. I ditched my comfort zone with my nude lip colors and ventured out into the world of dark lipstick. I was pleasantly surprised by the results and even found a new favorite shade. I’d love to know which look you like the most, and what your go to dark lipsticks are of the season. Leave me a comment and let’s chat!

Until next time my beauties!


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