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Fall Fashion Rescue: Fashion on a Budget
Nov 15

Fall Fashion Rescue: Fashion on a Budget

I’ve never really called myself a fashionista or a fashion expert, but I like to look nice. I’ve also learned over the years that taking care of my physical appearance is absolutely key to keeping my overall confidence. So I browse magazines, look around department stores, and pay attention to different styles on tv. I also have to admit that I’m not great about predicting fashion and styles, because I shop when I need something these day instead of shopping just because I have the urge to shop. As Fall has finally showed its face, its about that time to bust out the cold weather clothing. So I stopped at my favorite place to shop first… my closet.

How to Turn Drab into Fab… on a budget

I noticed that I had a lot of chlothes from last Fall/Winter season, and there was something extremely common about most of the clothes. They were either gray, black, or off-white. I remembered seeing that too when I went shopping last year. Very conservative looks, with variation of styles and cuts, but keeping to an extremely rigid color scheme. As I stated, I’m not naturally stylish, I just tend to move toward things that look good on my body. I’ve spent some time reading style and fashion magazines, reading trend reports, and seeing different things on tv and online, to get me up to speed on what’s the thing for this Fall/Winter season. Of course its all about BOLD COLORS this season. I truly believe this is because my closet is full of gray.

From Fashion to Life

I can’t really name the number of times in my life that I’ve felt like I needed to reinvent myself. Its usually because I’ve let a period of time pass without making significant progress on goals or outcomes that I have for my life. But reality is, I can’t afford to go out and get a whole new wardrobe right now, but if I’m going to run a business about beauty, inspiration and style, I need to get it together. Though we all want a limitless budget, and the ability and opportunity to spend however much we want on whatever we want, not all of us have it like that. But I have definitely learned to appreciate the freedom that can be found, when you’re limited by certain resources. Here are some of my most recent life lessons:

  1. You have to take inventory. There are so many things that I am capable of doing, that I don’t give my self credit for because they don’t always seem significant. I can tell you a hundred times over and over, what I’m not (hence the first sentence of this blog), but I’ve found it helpful to take inventory of the skills and resources I already have available.
  2. You have to stretch your imagination. Money can’t buy creativity. One thing I’m learning to do is to only allow trends, popular style/topics, and other people’s opinions, to inspire me… not dictate to me. Its dangerous to get lost in the shuffle of trying to be other people. Its also a fruitless pursuit, because the only person you can really be is you.
  3. You have to experiement. Will that sweater go with those shoes? Is this lipstick too orange for my skin? Should I start this new business? I don’t know? But when you’re limited by cash, you can use piece together the resources that you already have in stock and see how it goes.

And back to Fashion

So back to my Fall fashion rescue. One great economical way to create bold color in my gray wardrobe, without having to spend money I don’t have? You guessed it. Time to make this season all about the bright and bold accessories! That’s actually the reason I started selling jewelry. When I was a struggling college student, trying to be cute… a little black dress and some banging earrings would take my outfit from a 2 to a 10. Here’s a great tip when you’re looking for the right piece to wear with gray… look for jewelry that’s already set in silver tone metals.

Oh… and just to make it easy for you. You can pick up any of these pieces right here in the All Frills Beauty and Accessories Shop!

I’d love to know what you’re planning on doing to brighten up your wardrobe this spring!

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