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A place where beauty, inspiration, and style collide

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We blog because we have voices to be heard and thoughts to be shared. We’re more than just a beauty blog, because we’re offering more than just your standard way to look at beauty. We also have a team of contributors that look at life so uniquely, that we’ve had to find a multimedia platform to hold all of the ways we like to share our information! We’re working to help women learn what it is to define beauty from the inside out. Don’t get me wrong, we’re women that love makeup, fashion, and all those things that make you feel fabulous and since we know you do to, we’d love for you to join the conversation! We have so much to talk to you about, here’s just some of what you have to look forward:


  • Make Up tips and techniques, including tips from the pros
  • Beauty product reviews
  • Tutorials and inspired make up looks


  • Redefining true beauty
  • Sharing experiences and life lessons
  • Discussing how beauty, health, spirituality, relationships, femininity, and family are the things that REALLY make you beautiful.


  • Budget-friendly style trends
  • Fashion tips for all shapes and sizes
  • Tricks to picking the perfect accessories


  • Get diet and nutrition tips
  • Insight from personal trainers
  • Personal experience as we all work for a healthier life


  • Learn about different industries, businesses, and professionals doing their thing
  • Get entrepreneur tips and motivation
  • Special offers and deals from our partners

If you’re interested in contributing or being featured in an article, please email