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To Infinity Scarf and Beyond… Cold Weather
Nov 21

To Infinity Scarf and Beyond… Cold Weather

Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons in the year. Nature’s beautiful color changes, all pumpkin everything, and of course the fashion, gives me all the life I need! When it comes to Fall and Winter styles, I particularly like the fact that my sweaters, boots and scarves can be pulled off the shelves of my closet, dusted off and worn not only to keep me warm but to also make the statement that cold weather WILL NOT stop me from being flawless!!
Recently, I have become obsessed with the latest and (I must say greatest) fashion trend, the Infinity Scarf. Now, I don’t know what great mind came up with the idea of a circle scarf, but honey you are my hero. In the past the most annoying thing about wearing scarves for me would be the fact that they would always come undone. Never in a million years did I think “Hey Brandy, why don’t you just safety pin your scarf in the back”? I know, I know… blank stare. But hey forward movement right??  As with any other scarf, the infinity comes in several different materials from knitted to silk to chiffon. The variety is endless and is a must have for the season! Accessorizing with an infinity scarf will take a Fall/Winter outfit to the next level by adding a pop of color, which can be paired with your shoes and handbag. Or you can simply jazz things up by adding one with a floral, animal or tribal print to your solid color sweater or long sleeved tee.

Oh and did I mention…..Under $10?! Check out how I transform a plain $15 Old Navy sweater with 3 easy steps:

  1. Place scarf around neck
  2. Make a “figure 8.”
  3. Place head through loop and… ta-da!!


Now get out there and load up on this budget conscious accessory!!!

– Brandy

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