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Fight Winter Weather Skin
Nov 26

Fight Winter Weather Skin

Every calendar in America has the date of December 21st as the first day of Winter.  Ice glazed across my windshield, smoke seeping out of my mouth with every breath taken, and the temperature gauge at 30 degrees tells me that Winter must have come early in my neck of the woods.  I am not a fan of cold weather, and trust me, neither is YOUR skin.  The lack of humidity and moisture in the air can cause your skin to have noticeable dry spots, along with… let’s face it, ‘ashiness.’ But don’t fret; here are some tips to teach you how to dodge the dry, parched, winter skin syndrome. Take a look!

Winter Skin Battle Tips

  • First things first: I hate to go all health guru on you, but staying hydrated with plenty of water helps your skin from the inside out.  I don’t care how much oil and whatever else you are slathering on your face, if you are sitting around drinking coffee and orange juice all day, your skin will show it.
  • Second: Exfoliate at least twice a week.  Exfoliation buffs away dead skin, which helps your moisturizer, penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin.
  • This last tip is a total deal breaker:  Apply an OIL BASED moisturizer moments after bathing.  Now, when I say oil-based, please understand that I am not talking about mineral oil or Vaseline, (that’s a subject that deserves its own blog session). Moving along, there is a two to three minute window after bathing where your skin is slightly damp and more willing to receive moisture.  When that window closes, your opportunity for locking in moisture closes right along with it.  Trust me and take advantage of this window of time!

I can’t express how important the last tip is.  I have tested this to be true.  I’ve tried using a water-based moisturizer right after bathing and was ashy before I could even put my socks on.  I also tried applying a water and oil-based moisturizer AFTER the 3-minute window (not together) and noticed the ever so embarrassing and unappealing ashy bandit creeping in before lunch hour.

This was exactly why I created Jays Precious Cargo. It’s a skincare line that specializes in products made from natural ingredients.  The Body Frosting I created is a whipped oil (that I whip myself)- and butter-based moisturizer, and is the epitome of a-maz-ing! The body frostings main ingredients are Shea and Mango Butter (aren’t you excited you can actually say the name of the main ingredients without needing a degree in chemistry?).  I am not just saying this product is amazing because JPC is my company, but because I faithfully use the body frosting within that 3-minute window, and I promise the moisture lasts ALL DAY LONG! No more embarrassing moments for me!

Wrapping up in scarves and heavy coats simply isn’t enough to protect your skin from being tight, dry, and irritable.  Wrap up in a good oil-based moisturizer preferably like JPC Body Frosting, drink plenty of water, and exfoliate.

The body is a precious commodity. Nourish it, LOVE IT!


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