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Defining Strength Part 1: Remembering Faith
Nov 27

Defining Strength Part 1: Remembering Faith

I didn’t plan on waking up this morning and writing this post. But I’ve learned that when something is placed on my heart, that I need to get it out… immediately. So here you go.

Lately, I’ve had a heart full of worry and a head full of doubt. Emotions all over the place. We’ve all had those times where all our uncertainty, make us our own worst enemy. And, especially as a woman, I have a mind that tends to wander down dark & dangerous paths because there’s no security in the sense of the unknown. I was losing sleep. Felt stuck inside myself. Alone in a room full of people because, well, I’m a real woman, we wear a fierce demeanor and flawless smile no matter what our inner turmoil is. And while I was up late last night I watched a sermon (which is highly out of my norm), and the pastor said “how much you worry, shows how much you PRAY, how much you worry shows the true story of your faith.” 

That resonated with me. It was a reminder that faith is essential to the development of a free mind and joyful spirit. Even if you aren’t a believer in any secular religion or believe that you possess spiritual faith, you have to have enough faith in yourself to conquer and overcome anything that might be thrown in your direction. If your goal is self-actualization in being the best version of yourself, the more difficult the obstacle the better practice you have in finding what you are truly made of. Maya Angelou said “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

So for my treasure chest of understanding, and all it has taken for us as women to achieve beauty, I give thanks. Happy thanksgiving.

Have you checked in with your emotions lately?

This is the first part of a series of articles, that will examine how women can find strength and achieve their greatest desires, by embracing and overcoming the things that they fear the most. Told through the eyes of Mary Hanna, join us as we all reflect on how to allow the beauty and full potential of our very being, be fully exposed to become the women we were meant to be.

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