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Detox For Your Health, Not Only Your Looks
Nov 29

Detox For Your Health, Not Only Your Looks

The Beauty Industry is “looks” driven.  For an aesthetician like me the pressure is always on to be a perfect weight and have the perfect skin, hair, and nails.  During this past year I discovered beauty is only skin deep.   Our skin is our largest organ, so everything we consume will be a component of it.  The bottom line is the old saying “you are what you eat”.  If you are not taking care of yourself inside, (a positive attitude included), you will not be at your best on the outside.
Below are some ways for you to jump start 2015 with a detox, not only to look better but to feel healthy and make the most of your life.

Your detox plan

  1. Drink Water:  Stop drinking caffeine and both regular and diet sodas.  The sugar in soda is unhealthy and chemicals in diet drinks dehydrate our skin.
  2. Take Supplements:  The food supply today is engineered with genetically modified organisms, which are toxic.  With fatty foods and fast food chains around every corner it can be difficult to choose proper nutrition.  Proper supplementation renews the cells inside our bodies which helps us to look vital on the outside.
  3. Reset with a Detox:  Not a fad diet, or a trendy one where you drink only lemon water or orange juice.  I detox with a nutritious protein blend drink along with delicious and filling low glycemic foods to help you make that healthy lifestyle change.

Now is the time to get a jumpstart on your 2015 health and wellness goals.   I know a great deal about this journey because I came to a place about 6 months ago where I had to decide to become healthy inside to change what I was seeing outside.Take a look at my before and after photos and see what you think.

BEllamy Before and After

You may not see a ton of difference between the photos, but in my first photo I was overweight, tired and always felt cold even in the Arizona heat.  The second photo is me after using the Usana Reset Program, a product that I found, that completely changed the way that I thought about my health.  I lost 5 pounds during the first 5 day Reset!  After five months I am energized, 24 pounds lighter and my skin, hair and nails have never looked better. The program is progressive and will move you from a transform phase to a maintenance phase.  I am feeling wonderful inside and out.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program or want to talk about ways to start feeling and looking great again too, I’d love to hear from you. You can call me at 602-616-5331 or visit me at http://bellamyclairecleary.usana.comto get your complimentary health assessment. Don’t forget to find me on Facebook at True Skincare and Nutrition.

Regardless of what method you decide on, make the conscious decision to do something to detox your body and give yourself the reset it needs. Why wait for the new year, when you can get started today!

More about Bellamy Cleary

Bellamy is an aesthetician licensed in both Arizona and Nevada. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has been a Business Development Manager for several international skin care companies. She is dedicated to being healthy and positive in all aspects of life and encouraging others.

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