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Love is… “NO Matter What”
Dec 18

Love is… “NO Matter What”

Hey all my Frill belles and beaus! As the end of the year is quickly approaching I wanted to discuss a little self love and evaluation. Let’s make sure we are going into this new year being the best we can be… to ourselves.  Love is, “No matter what”… Yes I already know what you’re thinking, “What kind of title is that and what does it even mean?” By the end of this it will all make sense. So let’s go through a few exercises:

Take a long, hard look

Let’s start off with some mirror work. Imagine yourself in front of the mirror; no clothes, no makeup, no extensions, just you. How do you feel? Do you still feel beautiful? Do you still feel confident? Do you still love yourself? Don’t get me wrong I love makeup, nice clothes and a good weave, but its important that you feel just as good without it as you do with it. I have literally just got to a point in my life where I can post a picture of myself without any makeup on my Instagram. I just feel it’s time we all discover our inner and outer beauty and how important self-love is in our everyday lives.

Choose to be happy

The most important decision you will ever make in your life, is the decision to love and accept yourself. We do not have control of many things or people in life but we do have control of ourselves. Self love isn’t about being conceited, arrogant or egotistical. Self love is caring for oneself, respecting oneself, being honest with oneself and forgiving oneself. The love we have for ourselves effects how we get through life. A quote I often post is, “Happiness is a choice, I chose to be happy.’” I post this to remind myself that no matter what cards I’ve been dealt I have the power to smile through it all. Remember that no matter what situation you were born into, you were born with love in you. God created us out of love.

Make a commitment

We are eager to say we love someone, but how can we truly love someone if we struggle to truly love ourselves? True love is described as loving someone through the ups and downs, for richer or for poorer, through sickness and health. Loving someone through their lowest moments, loving someone “No matter what.” So shouldn’t the love we have for ourselves be just as committed? We owe it to our own happiness to love ourselves no matter what! No matter what society says, no matter what the scale says, no matter what! Stop the fat talk! Stop talking down on yourself! Stop doubting yourself! Stop comparing yourself to other women! Forgive yourself and turn the negatives into positives. If you do not like something fix it.

Embrace you

Understand that the love you have for yourself will carry you through every life struggle you are faced with. Self love will get you through a bad relationship, societies pressure, family issues, work struggles etc. Know your worth. Women that truly love themselves don’t settle for anything less then what they know they deserve. The only person standing in the way of your happiness and success is you, so get out of your way! Embrace the idea of true self love. Commit to yourself as you would in a marriage, It’s for better or worse. You deserve it! So I told you in the beginning this would all make sense. Because in the end, LOVE IS REQUIRED. No matter what.

Your #VisualVixen,
Vanessa Evans

About Vanessa Evans - December 18, 2014 at 3:31 am

"We take photos to remind us we lived." I'm a photographer with incurable photo OCD. My camera is my power, my peace and my happiness. I believe beauty can be found in everything. Humanitarian, healthcare worker, makeup lover, +Model and life conquer.

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